A tribute to Sam Walker – Gone but not forgotten. R.I.P.

It is with the deepest sadness that we share the news that our beloved Sam Walker has passed away. Sam was not only an amazing crew boss and stage manager at TPH, he was a giant amongst men. Such a wonderful character, with a razor sharp sense of humour and always a glint in his eye. Always the first to help anyone who was struggling and made any new comer feel welcome. All here at TPH are absolutely devastated. He will be so terribly missed by us all.
Our thoughts, prayers and condolences go out to his father Terry and all his family at this darkest of times.
Sleep well our dear Sam, until we meet again at the big gig in the sky.
Please feel free to share a memory about Sam below.


  • Massimiliano says:

    I worked with Sam only on a bunch of occasions, but those few times were more than enough for letting me completely falling for this big guy, so serious and funny at the same time. One of those people you’re happy to have around, even on the worst gig possible, because you straight away start thinking “ah, ok, there’s Sam around, it’s gonna be alright”. There was always time for a chat, or a (bad) joke, always present and ready to help. You will be deeply, deeply missed.

  • Eamonn says:

    Sam had a heart of gold, suffered no fools and would always be the one to put the world to rights for folk around him, from showing us the ropes and how the venues worked to building a community bringing any new starters into the fold. He is someone I will miss and will try to emulate, as the world could do with a few more people like Sam. A talented craftsman, sharp wit and an all round amazing human being. My deepest sympathy and condolences to all his family, friends and loved ones

  • Jack Evans says:

    I’ve been meaning to write something on here for days but have been struggling to find the words. I still can’t believe it, I don’t want to believe it.

    Sam scared the shit out of me when I first joined TPH. He was such a formidable, authoritative guy who you really didn’t want to get on the wrong side of. It didn’t take long to figure out that behind all of that he was a deep, caring, thoughtful dude.

    When we came back to work after covid and I saw Sam for the first time I ran up to him and gave him a big hug, he just stood there scowling with his arms by his side. I refused to let go until he hugged me back, this affection stand off lasted at least 30 seconds before he let out a big laugh and finally relented. I loved making him laugh because you always felt like you earned it.

    I’m going to miss him so much. It’s such a loss not just for the company but to each of us personally. He was a unique friend who I’ll remember forever.

  • Josh Rose says:

    I have nothing but respect for the big guy. TPH is what it is because of people like Sam. It was always going to be a good shift when you got that TPH text and it had his name on it too. He had a big heart, he was hard as nails when he needed to be and a big softie rest of the time. A proper friend.

  • Sam, you were always such a great guy, you’ve not been off my mind since I found out, we didn’t talk a lot recently but you were always great to me as an apprentice and even after I passed and moved up to freelancing, always there to listen to me and I you, even off we didn’t speak all that often. The world is colder without someone as amazing as you in it, everyone who knew you has a hole missing now that you’ve left. Rest in eternal peace sam, you’ll always be a legend in my eyes x

  • Cam Atkinson says:

    I didn’t know Sam from work like many of the comments here, though I do indeed work in the same industry, we actually never crossed paths at work once. Which seems odd.

    I met Sam outside of work, in the real world, and for a good couple of years saw him at least once a week and were pretty close. That first year knowing him was one of the hardest years of my life, and he always had an ear, a hug and a smile for me. Over time things really turned themselves around for me and things were looking up for him too. We lost touch in the pandemic as is so easily done, and I am absolutely gutted to hear he passed away. Rest in peace mate. I will not forget your kindness. Nor will our group.

  • Alex Pummell says:

    I can only echo what’s been already said here and elsewhere but Sam is going to leave a very big hole in the lives of everyone who knew and worked with him. His huge heart, calming presence and wry humour is going to be desperately missed. We won’t forget you Sam x

  • Andy Ransby says:

    Still in shock! Sam was one of the nicest people I have ever met. Calm, patient, kind and very intelligent. I never saw the guy get angry.
    I remember when he badly broke his leg, the photo of him showed him with his leg at right angles, 2 thumbs up and a big smile!
    He had a great many friends, and will be sorely missed.
    My condolences to all his family and friends.
    Very sad.

  • Chris McDonnell says:

    I didn’t work with Sam very often but from the first time I met him he left a lasting impression. He was a bright and kind character, so much so that the few times we worked together left a lasting memory. I’m truly saddened to hear of his passing. My deepest condolences to his family, friends and colleagues at TPH.
    Ar dheis Dé go raibh a anam

  • Adam Puckey says:

    I met Sam back when he first joined TPH circa 2015/2016. At the time we were doing a lot of heavy lifting at the roundhouse – scaff towers, steel deck, and the infamous overnight seating change. I had spoken to Sam in passing but it wasn’t until Nial said to me ‘Here Ad, did you hear what that new guy Sam’s done?’ and explained that Sam had snapped his ankle (I might be wrong, but this was like, maybe week 2 or 3?) falling through some scaff that I, and the rest of the team truly had a chance to connect with Sam in the form of stage crew banter. When he finally was able to come back to work he accepted all forms of jokes at his expense with the casual ease of the truly big hearted, and it gave him a chance to give it back twice as much, thus becoming part a big, liked and respected part of the team very very rapidly.

    It’s easy, when somebody is gone unexpectedly, to forget the day to day reality of someone’s personality, and my memory of Sam is of someone bright, friendly and always ready to chuckle – whether that’s at the best of times or through a gritty overnight shift in February.

    Despite his jovial and playful nature, he was actually very serious and calm and kind when I myself was having a mental health struggle after a physical injury, and I remember a few conversations with him where I was feeling totally lost and, while we were shifting decks or setting up socas he’d give me good, realistic advice like ‘you’ve got to pick the thing that’s most important to you and put that first’. It’s this kind of ability to switch between silly and jokey to thoughtful and caring that made him such a lovely guy to be around. And, as well, as someone to work with he was great because he always jumped in and got the work done with you.

    After leaving London, I stayed in touch with Sam on social media and every time I had a notification with his name attached to it I could more or less guarantee whatever silly thing he’d said or commented would have me and my family laughing.

    Today has been a shocking and sad day, and I’ve had Sam on my mind all the way through it – I wasn’t sure what to write at first so I’ll just finished by writing here what I said to my family about him when I’d heard what had happened:

    Sam was a lovely guy, and really friendly, and this is an honest tragedy.

    Rest in peace mate. Sorry you couldn’t stay 🙁

  • Chris Meehan says:

    This is such awful news and such a devastating loss. Sam was a true gent and always made me smile with his quick wit and great sense of humor. I loved what Tim A wrote as it really described him (or at least how i think of him) “a bit of a grumble” but one that always came with a big “smile and witty comment” and always whilst he was hard at work.
    Sending all my love and deepest sympathies to his family and loved ones, especially all of his TPH brothers and sisters. I’m always here for any of you guys if you need a friendly ear.
    In the meantime, sleep thee well, young Sam, good luck and may whichever god(s) you support go with you dude. x

  • Martin K says:

    What a tragic loss, such a talented guy with great people skills. At the last big festival we both happened to work on, he was the one person I came to see when I needed a friendly face, a good chat and a bit of calm from all the madness around. Whenever I bumped into him afterwards was great, too. He had that presence that makes you feel good! I can’t believe he’s gone. RIP Sam! I’m gonna miss you x

  • Nial Walsh says:

    Sam was everything the guys are saying, kind and gentle also a dedicated hard worker… the thing I loved about Sam was his artistic side which he kept quite, I was always amazed by his wood working skill that he never boasted about, a true man of many talents who will be missed and we are poorer for his loss.
    Never going to forget you brother x

  • Baz says:

    Well what can i say about Sam? I wouldnt be where i am within TPH without him showing my the ways of the Roundhouse. At times he could seem grumpy then out of nowhere he would make a joke and have the whole crew laughing. The crew wont be the same and TPH and the world have lost a gentle giant. Rest in peace Sam. Ill see you again 1 day

  • Ted says:

    Though I may not have known Sam as long as most, we became friends fairly quickly, and he’ll always have a place in my heart and mind.

    I’m sure I’m not the only one who grew to love his charming amount of pessimism, so grumpy at times you could only laugh with him. I’ll miss that, the face he’d make when someone fucked up the same thing again and again, the stupid jokes and silliness, making up rude lyrics to songs, the good times. Loved him like a brother.

    My heart goes out to everyone.
    Rest in peace you silly bastard.
    Love Ted

  • Tim Hamper says:

    Hey guys,

    I met Sam when he’s just turned 18, he’d come down to koko to see some Metal Band, can’t remember who right now but it’ll come to me. He stopped me and asked if he could shadow me, which I of course said yes to (always need a big lad to carry shit!)

    Since then we’ve become great friends and even though Sam chose not to get into live sound he did stay in the business which made me extremely happy, we always knew that we’d be in good hands if Sam showed up!

    We have kept in close contact over the years sharing stories about shows and bands, I feel very paternalistic to him (as I do to everyone that started their music career hanging out with me) and very proud to call him a friend.

    This terrible news is like an arrow through my heart. I’d like to send my deepest sympathies to his folks. Sam really was an amazing guy, kind and friendly, extremely witty but not hardened and cynical, but also talented, artistic and sensitive I cannot begin to say how much he will be missed.

    I’d could go on all day but I’ll spare you all my ramblings

    God’s speed Brother, see you on the flip side

    Tim Hamper

  • stephan gallafrio says:

    he will be sorely missed
    Sam was a great joy to be around and to be with
    my condolences to his family and friends
    very fond memories of Sam
    he made the worst bearable with his sunny ways his witt and humour
    rest in peace Sam

  • Tim A says:

    Sam was one of the hardest working people I know. Never afraid to lead from the front. Even after a long day(and a bit of a grumble, a smile and a witty comment) Sam was always there and willing to help anyone out
    I am really going to miss his big heart and our late night chats and check-ins on each other. The big gig in the sky has gained a legend way too soon. Gonna miss ya buddy x

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